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Product Description:
"If you are an artist, you will love this publication that will help you paint with pastries, better than ever, Pastel Journal offers you advice to paint cakes bigger than life, ways of thinking about your next painting, creative ideas to paint less, how to work in a series to maintain your creativity, characteristics of future artists and much more! This magazine has everything any painter could wish for. Order your subscription to the Pastel Journal today!

Improve your skills
If you are an artist from other media and want to start experimenting with cakes or have I have been painting with cakes for years, Pastel Journal has tips and advice from experts that can help you improve all your painting techniques, each edition presents articles on how to paint different landscapes, as well as the different types of brushes you will need. Pastel Journal provides you with all the information you need to become the artist you always wanted to be.

The Artists You Love
Each issue of your subscription will bring your magnificent images of paintings by your favorite artists and New Artists that are rapidly growing in prominence. With the help of this magazine, you will meet the best artists before your friends. You will also receive advice from these artists about the techniques they love, how to get the best lighting in your paintings and much more. Even if you are not looking for help with your paintings, you will enjoy simply flipping through this magazine to see all the beautiful works of art.

Events and competitions
After all the advice and suggestions that Pastel Journal offers, you can send your paintings in the competitions announced by the magazine. Your paintings will be better than ever and you will want to show them off! There are also many events that each topic will inform you. You can visit the ones that are close to your home or excellent conventions and exhibitions to which you can travel!

Get ready to paint by applying for your Pastel Journal subscription today! "Cover price: $ 40.00 – save now $ 15.03 (19%).


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